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"The only real lawyers are trial lawyers, and trial lawyers try cases to juries."

- Clarence Darrow

We don't agree with Mr. Darrow. And if we had the chance to argue against him, we're pretty confident that we'd have won.

We would've enjoyed the debate. We are trial lawyers. Real trial lawyers. We thrive on competition, know what it takes to win, and have what it takes to fight. Our attorneys have attended and taught at some of the most prominent law schools in the nation, and continue to teach other trial lawyers the finer points of litigation. But jurors don't take resumes when deciding cases. Winning takes thorough preparation, research and investigation, superior oral and written advocacy, and the talent to prevail at trial.

At Kramer & Connolly, we are more concerned with the merits of a case than with the size of our clients, or perceived strength of our adversaries. Though our firm isn't much larger than that of Clarence Darrow, we regularly litigate against some of the largest law firms in the world, representing the interests of Fortune 500 corporations in state and federal courts -- often traveling to other states to serve as lead counsel in multi-million dollar insurance and tort litigation.

We continue to defend some of the world's largest insurance carriers. But we also take pride in championing the rights of the underdog. Like Mr. Darrow, we have the courage to fight big business and big government when the merits warrant -- recovering millions on behalf of small businesses and consumers suffering catastrophic losses, and even taking on the Attorney General and ten of his assistants to challenge the constitutionality of a billion dollar tax hike.

Kramer & Connolly. We welcome the challenge of representing you.

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