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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Negligent drivers injure accident victims seeking damages in auto tort lawsuits.

Maryland Motor Vehicle Injury Lawyers: Recovering Significant Damages for Accident Victims is no accident.

Accidents happen.  In the United States, they happen more than six million times a year and cost the American economy over $230 Billion.  The human toll is far greater.  Every 13 minutes, another person will die as a result of a traffic accident and, each year, nearly three million people will suffer serious injuries.

The cause: Negligence.  Some form of driver error, intoxication, moving violations or distraction accounts for more than 90% of all accidents.  When drivers fail to operate vehicles safely, they are legally "negligent" and are responsible for injuries and other losses resulting from the accident.  Proving negligence depends on the specific circumstances of the accident.  For example, maintaining a highway speed of 55 miles per hour may be reasonable on a clear spring day. But keeping the same speed in heavy rain may be negligent. Conversely, an abrupt lane change is ordinarily dangerous, but, in a sudden emergency, may be a necessary evasive maneuver.

Since each case turns on specific facts, your attorney must carefully investigate your accident to see who may be liable for your damages.