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Trucking Accidents

Maryland Truck Accident Injury Lawyers, Baltimore Trucking Attorneys

Maryland Truck Accident Injury Lawyers Understand the Complexity of Trucking Company Liability Under Maryland Law

Although truckers are among the most experienced and conscientious drivers on our highways, serious accidents do happen in Baltimore and across the state of Maryland. Long hours on the road often lead to driver fatigue and inattentiveness. Shifting payloads may contribute to jackknifing or loss of control. The need for speed in making delivery deadlines and inclement weather often combine to produce tragic results.  And, in some cases, maintenance records reveal trucking company negligence in repairing dangerous rigs.

According to the Transportation Research Institute, more than 5,000 trucks are involved in fatal accidents each year, hundreds in Maryland alone. Thousands more sustain serious personal injury when big rigs strike their cars and motorcycles, or hit pedestrians.

If you have been seriously injured due to the negligence of a truck driver, or lost a loved one in a trucking accident, an experienced Maryland truck accident injury lawyer must investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding the collision. Often, this involves a thorough review of Department of Transportation logs, truck maintenance records, and other forensic evidence that may establish the presence of driver fatigue, equipment malfunction, delivery deadlines and routes and other factors contributing to the crash. In many cases, accident reconstruction experts will measure skid marks, points of contact between vehicles and other information designed to establish liability on the part of the trucker and trucking company.

At Kramer & Connolly, trucking companies and their insurance carriers have retained us to defend their drivers for many years.  This expertise pays off in cases against truckers and trucking companies that failed to exercise care for the safety of others. Due to the serious nature of trucking accidents, your truck injury attorney must anticipate a vigorous defense and the need for tough negotiations with the trucking company or its insurance carrier. While most cases do settle, only an attorney experienced in such catastrophic injury cases may properly evaluate your case and negotiate full and fair compensation for your loss.