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The Maryland Judicial System

Kramer & Connolly attorneys have had numerous appearances before the Supreme Court of Maryland

The Maryland Supreme Court

  • Largely Discretionary Review by Writ of Certiorari
  • Sole Power to Decide Attorney Discipline and Bar Admissions Cases
The Appellate Court of Maryland is the state's intermediate appeals court

The Maryland Appellate Court

  • The state's intermediate appellate court
  • Hears Appeals as of Right
  • Does not review cases which were originally appealed
    to the Circuit Court from the District Court
There are 24 circuit courts in Maryland, corresponding with each county and Baltimore City

The Circuit Courts

  • The state's trial court of general jurisdiction
  • Hears both jury & non-jury trials
  • Exclusive jurisdiction in cases of more than $30,000
  • Hears certain appeals de novo from District Court
The Maryland District Court hears smaller cases without a jury

The District Courts

  • The state's trial court of limited jurisdiction
  • Does not hear jury trials
  • Exclusive jurisdiction in cases of $5,000 or less ["small claims"]
  • Shares power with Circuit Court in cases of more than
    $5,000 up to $30,000 ["concurrent jurisdiction"]
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