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Maryland Business Law, Contracts & Unfair Competition

AV-rated business litigation and corporate counsel protect small and mid-sized companies from the risk of business litigation and corporate liability

Why use a law firm known for its litigation expertise as your business' corporate counsel?  The answer is simple: We know what can go wrong and how to prevent it, while protecting you and your company from the risk of business litigation and corporate liability.

While Maryland business leaders often retain us to defend companies in court, most corporate and contract litigation, and disputes over unfair competition, may be avoided with sound advice on legal compliance and risk management.  When running a business, negotiating leases or entering into contracts, lawyers who understand the risk of corporate liability may avoid costly lawsuits. Even after defending or filing lawsuits, we provide legal consultations to avoid regulatory violations and the costs of future litigation. Like "preventive medicine," we keep companies healthy by keeping them out of court through "preventive law."

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