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Legal Malpractice & Disciplinary Cases

Defending Maryland attorneys in disciplinary and legal malpractice cases.

The Lawyer's Lawyers: Defending Attorneys in Legal Malpractice and Attorney Grievance Cases

As attorneys who understand the pressures of everyday law practice, we take great pride in defending colleagues confronting the anxiety and uncertainty surrounding legal malpractice and disciplinary proceedings.

Working with professional liability carriers, we have defended lawyers accused of fraud, negligence and a wide range of professional misconduct -- both in civil lawsuits and in proceedings before the Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland.

Our goal is simple: To minimize the disruption of an otherwise ominous process so that our colleagues may do what they do best __ represent their clients rather than respond to their grievances.

Thus, beyond malpractice defense and more formal disciplinary proceedings, we work behind the scenes to assist attorneys at the earliest stage of the grievance process.  Rather than place their law licenses at greater risk, our colleagues have retained us to compose responses designed to satisfy their duty to cooperate with Bar Counsel investigations without inviting even greater scrutiny.  By ghost-writing these letters for their signatures, we may counter contentions of professional misconduct with articulate responses that exemplify the professionalism of our clients.  To learn more about the attorney grievance process and the manner in which we may assist Maryland lawyers in maintaining their good professional standing as members of the bar, we welcome you to visit our sister site at

Like our disciplinary practice, we also work with those seeking admission to the bar.  For those with issues involving character and fitness to practice law, we provide guidance on completing the bar application, and advocate for their admission before Character Committees, the Board of Law Examiners, and the Court of Appeals of Maryland.  For more information, please visit