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Legal Seminars and Publications

At Kramer & Connolly, our attorneys believe that scholarship and outstanding legal representation go hand in hand.

While our adversaries are understandably anxious to face us in court, we reduce our clients' anxiety and fear of lawsuits by simplifying the civil litigation process.  By educating our clients on Maryland laws and legal options, we work as a team to investigate evidence, form trial strategy, and prepare for effective trial testimony.

Our Maryland litigation attorneys also share their legal expertise and trial experience with Maryland business leaders, executives, community organizations, and consumer protection advocates seeking information on their legal rights in state and federal courts.

As a former professor of Evidence Law and Civil Procedure, Irwin Kramer has taught thousands of trial lawyers and law students seeking to enhance their litigation skills.  Beyond law school courses and continuing legal education seminars, Mr. Kramer has prepared law graduates for bar examinations in several states.  He and Jim Connolly continue to publish articles on trial advocacy, legal ethics and tort law, while presenting popular seminars for the Maryland State Bar Association, the Bar Association of Baltimore City, the Baltimore Claims Association, and the Maryland Land Title Association.

If you would like to arrange a legal education program on a topic of interest to your organization, please feel free to schedule a legal seminar for your company.

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