Free Legal Seminars

As a client service and as a public service, Kramer & Connolly attorneys lecture frequently on issues involving Maryland law, where they share practical insights drawn from actual litigation experience.

Winning the Battle of the Experts: Expert Advice on Expert Witnesses

In many of your most important cases, winning the "Battle of the Experts" is the key to winning at trial. To do so, you need expertise in preparing and in fighting expert witnesses! In this seminar, participants received the following ammunition to win this important battle and win cases:

  • A Mastery of Expert Witness Law & Evidence Rules
  • Strategies for Selecting Effective Experts
  • Enhancing Your Expert's Power for the Jury
  • Preparing a Gripping Expert Presentation
  • Challenging Opposing Experts by Undermining Expertise

Suits for Suits: Litigation for Maryland Business Leaders

In today's aggressive business environment, being successful requires an understanding of the legal system and the costly game of litigation. In this exciting seminar, Irwin Kramer cut through the legalese and complexity of this system and provided Maryland business leaders with the knowledge to compete in a world of lawyers and lawsuits, and with these essential tools for competition in the new millenium:

  • An Understanding of Lawsuits
  • The Ability to Participate in Litigation Strategy
  • Strategies for Preventing Disruptive Litigation
  • Eliminating the Confusion of Lawsuits and Fear of the Unknown
  • Ways to Minimize the Costs of Litigation

Putting Power in Procedure: Winning the Civil Litigation Game in Maryland

Winning the game of civil litigation requires much more than a knowledge of the facts underlying your client's case. Succeeding in civil cases requires a mastery of numerous procedural rules containing laborious language and technical traps for the unwary. Those who understand these rules and how to use them effectively can enhance their clients' chances of success in most any suit. In this exciting seminar, Irwin Kramer simplified even the most complex of procedural concepts with humorous and dynamic illustrations of the manner in which you can put power in procedure. After participating in this seminar, participants gained these important tools for litigation success:

  • A Mastery of the Mechanics of Lawsuits
  • Developing Effective Discovery Plans
  • Strategies for Expediting Litigation
  • Avoiding Ethical Traps in Litigation
  • Ways to Minimize the Costs of Litigation

Winning the Title: Avoiding Liability Under Maryland Law

In recent years, Maryland has become one of the most litigious jurisdictions in the nation for title agents and other real estate professionals. In a full-day seminar presented to hundreds of title agents under the auspices of the Maryland Land Title Association, Irwin Kramer and Jim Connolly provided practical lessons learned from years of litigation on behalf of title agents trapped in real estate fraud cases and other claims alleging professional malpractice. They also warned these agents of "red flags of fraud" to assist them in detecting such fraudulent schemes as real estate "flipping," which may trap title agents in years of litigation or, even worse, years in prison.

How to Best Meet the Press: Media Relations for Lawyers

As lawyers, we not only represent our clients in a court of law, but also in the court of public opinion. To communicate effectively, we must avoid the pitfalls of misquoting and read red flags of stories destined to taint our client's message. To guide reporters in the right direction, this provided lawyers with a vital understanding of:

  • Strategies for Shaping Stories Before They Are Even Written
  • Performance Tips to Enhance a Client's Image in a Story
  • Ways to Develop Positive Media Relations
  • Tools for Generating Positive Press for Clients
  • Pitfalls You Don't Want to Read About in the Paper the Next Day