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Arbitration & Mediation: Alternatives to Litigation

Arbitration and mediation are two alternatives for settling cases without more formal litigation.

Litigation is often needed to achieve the right results. But for litigants and lawyers seeking a faster and less expensive resolution, Kramer & Connolly provides arbitration and mediation services. Having been appointed by the Circuit Court for Baltimore City to preside over pre-trial settlement conferences in a wide variety of civil cases, Irwin Kramer puts his litigation and dispute resolution experience to use either as a neutral arbitrator, or as an arbitration lawyer and legal advocate, in matters ranging from personal injury actions to breach of contract cases.  Regardless of the type of dispute, smart lawyers and their clients should consider alternatives to litigation before embarking on a more costly trial process.

MEDIATION: The Non-Binding Method of Conflict Resolution

In many cases, parties may resolve matters amicably through the services of a mediator. To act as an effective mediator, one must gain credibility with all parties by reviewing the facts of a case and necessary documentation and by possessing the expertise needed to evaluate the case at hand. Here, Irwin Kramer's experience in litigation, combined with a practical understanding of the negotiation and mediation process, provide invaluable assistance to parties wishing to resolve their disputes.

ARBITRATION: Can "private judges" decide Maryland cases?

It may be less expensive to fight outside of the courthouse than inside. But make sure you aren't compromising the quality of judge if you go with an arbitrator. As "private judges" become an increasingly popular alternative to protracted litigation, private litigants seek arbitrators with a firm command of the law, expertise in litigation, and a reasoned and scholarly approach to the significant decisions required in important cases. As a former professor of law who has litigated numerous cases on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants alike, Irwin Kramer approaches the arbitration of claims from an evenhanded and objective perspective designed to resolve matters fairly and equitably for all concerned in light of the evidence produced. Following each arbitration hearing, Mr. Kramer provides written opinions explaining the rationale for decision. In this manner, all litigants emerge with a firm understanding of the factors involved in the decision and the confidence that their views and evidence were fully considered.

The Costs & Benefits of "ADR"

Compared with the cost of litigation, arbitration and mediation provide two very effective and inexpensive methods of resolving disputes. In most cases, even the most comprehensive mediation sessions may be completed within hours rather than months or years of heated and protracted litigation. Where parties cannot reach an agreement, arbitration hearings may be conducted with similar efficiency, yielding decisions in a fraction of the time that congested courts dwell on important cases. Thus, it may well serve the interests of both sides to conduct a "cost-benefit" analysis and to consider alternatives to litigation before proceeding to a "war" in which all may lose in the end.

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