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Personal Injury Settlement Demands

Magic words in a settlement demand?Negotiating with insurance companies does not involve tricks and a clever slight of hand.  And there are no magic words that lawyers can use to resolve your case favorably.

It doesn't take a magician to conjure up a generous settlement.  It takes an experienced lawyer who knows how insurance companies evaluate claims, who works with you to compile all medical bills, reports and photographs, and who can marshal this evidence to effectively communicate the strengths of your case.

At Kramer & Connolly, we know how insurance carriers evaluate claims.  In fact, insurance carriers seek our opinions on the strengths, weaknesses and value of tort claims every day.  Given our experience as insurance defense counsel, we are uniquely qualified to leverage this expertise on behalf of plaintiffs seeking compensation for serious personal injuries.

Unlike plaintiffs personal injury firms who handle a large volume of tort claims, we focus exclusively on the nature and quality of each claim and of each client.  Absent any conflicts that may preclude our representation, we carefully examine the facts of each case to ensure that they merit the investment of time and effort that we devote to each.  Once we welcome you into our Kramer & Connolly family, we work as a team to compile the evidence, to research and analyze the law and facts of your case, to assess the value of your case, and to present the evidence in a manner designed to optimize its settlement value.

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